Sing Louder!

We can give each other courage: we all need to feel we’re doing right. Parents should be outraged, scandalized, that state governments (California, for one), the teachers’ unions, and Democrat politicians mean to sue school districts for “outing” children—to their parents!—if a child, groomed accordingly, shows an interest in “gender reassignment.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views) Years ago there used to be a Christian radio talk show, just 15 minutes, with a panel of three. I can’t remember the name of the show, nor the panelists’ names; but one single spoken line I have remembered very well indeed. I’ll never forget it.

They were talking about the state of our fallen world, and how outrages pile up faster than you can keep track of them, and you can hardly put two coherent thoughts together… and it seems like nothing you can say or do makes any difference…

When you reach that point, said the lady on the radio—

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Christian parents must be willing to fight for the heart and soul of their children By Marsha West


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