Acts 29 Pastor Says Gay Atheist Came to Christ Through a Psychic Tarot Card Reader Consulting a Native American Spirit Guide

(The Dissenter) In a cultural landscape teeming with ideological disarray, even the dialogue surrounding Christian interaction with the LGBTQ movement has been pulled apart by polarizing narratives. A particularly concerning viewpoint comes to light through the Acts 29 Network, which we wrote about last week, as represented by Justin Anderson and Mike Sullivan. Their perspective, under the guise of compassion and inclusivity, distorts biblical truths to a dangerous extent that it could mislead even the elect, if that were possible. This compromising theological view is not just problematic—it could lead souls astray, particularly when dealing with issues of sin and repentance.

Now, onto the topic at hand. Mike Sullivan, the lead pastor of Emmaus City Church—an Acts 29 Church linked to Matt Chandler—penned an article that flirts dangerously close to heretical views. In an unsurprising display of doctrinal confusion, Sullivan entertains a spiritually dangerous narrative. He focuses on a homosexual atheist activist David Bennett’s supposed conversion story, specifically recounting David’s experience with a psychic medium. The claim? That God can use such methods to point people to Jesus. View article →


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