Christian Nationalism, G3, and the Church’s Duty to be Salt and Light

“The strategy of appeasement is futile and unbiblical. To those who would argue for a more compliant stance for the sake of societal harmony, I point you to the early Church, to apostles who rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer disgrace for the Name (Acts 5:41). The history of Christianity is a chronicle of men and women who chose to please God rather than man, knowing well the cost of such a choice. The same courage is demanded of us today.”

(The Dissenter) As I sit at the G3 Conference this week, I think about the raging debate between the Christian Nationalists and the Non-Christian Nationalists. While I am neither Christian Nationalist, in an official sense, (the term still seems not to have no definition) nor am I dispensational or anti-Christian Nationalist, I find myself in agreement with most of the speakers on what we as the Church face today.

The theme of the conference is the Sovereignty of God—a doctrine that the Church needs to hear more than anything today. God doesn’t just see what is going on, the moral decay and a culture being given over to the deepest of depravity. He is in complete control of it, and His plans will not be thwarted. That being said, this does not equate to the church’s isolationism or abstinence from engaging the culture and the chaotic political realm. God is sovereign, yes. He ordains not just the end but also the means to the end. While I have an eclectic view on the many doctrines in this debate, I believe both sides of this debate could find common ground in this—God has called us to be salt in light in every facet of the world we are assigned to dwell in this age. View article →



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