Untwisting the Bible, Part 1: Jeremiah 29:11

“What happens when we wrench this verse from its intended context? We trivialize the profound suffering of the Israelites and render the richness of redemptive history into a shallow, one-size-fits-all catchphrase. Worse yet, we dilute the potency of a God who works in the mire of human despair to bring about His glorious purposes….” 

(The Dissenter) Welcome to Part I of our brand-new series, “Untwisting the Bible.” Today, we’re examining a text so frequently misused that it’s virtually become a spiritual cliché: Jeremiah 29:11. It’s recited by valedictorians at graduation ceremonies, inscribed in ornate fonts on greeting cards, and yes, perhaps even inked as a permanent reminder on your forearm….

You’ll find it emblazoned on coffee mugs, turned into hashtags on social media, and even quoted by politicians to inspire hope. The charismatic and Word of Faith movement has made an industry out of twisting this verse into a self-help catchphrase, promising not just spiritual but also material abundance. View article →


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