What is God’s Purpose in Allowing False Teachers to Flourish?

“Scripture also teaches that those who are truly saved do not depart from the faith (1 Cor. 15:1-2). Preaching a false gospel would certainly be a departure from the faith. The Bible refers to saved people as “believers” (Acts 5:141 Tim. 4:12). But if you are teaching and/or believing something contrary to the truth, how can you be a believer?…”

(The Dissenter) Have you ever slummed through a sermon by a preacher like Steven Furtick or Andy Stanley? Have you ever really just sat and listened to them preach. It’s easy to be drawn in to the charismatic mood changing, emotionally-driven style of speech or worship. They quote from Scripture and speak with such passion that can leave you wondering, how could someone so passionate about what they’re saying be so off?

Someone who seems to be so dedicated to their teachings — so caring and so loving towards their congregations — how can they be so far removed from the truth? Does God actually allow teachers who are truly dedicated to him and his word to be raised up undisciplined and allowed to shepherd a flock of such magnitude without any accountability to his truth? Can a false teacher be saved and just be wrong? Or are these truly wolves in sheep’s clothing who are on their way to Hell? View article →


Watch Out–Apostasy Alert! – List of names of false teachers

Research: Discernment

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains many people you’ll want to mark and avoid as per Rom 16:17-18 such as Steven Furtick, Andy Stanley and Beth Moore.


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