All Christians, Not Just Catholics, Should Be Worried About Pope Francis’ Synod

“Every…child knows that when most people request a blessing they aren’t making a “plea for a better life” but seeking approval, endorsement, and affirmation. That’s the common understanding of the thing, which Pope Francis bends over backward to avoid here.”

(John Daniel Davidson – The Federalist) There’s an unfortunate tendency among Catholics and Protestants alike to relish the misfortunes of the other. When some evangelical megachurch pastor ham-fistedly embraces the LGBT agenda, Catholics will quip that it was inevitable thanks to the Reformation….

When Pope Francis appears to undermine orthodox Christian teaching in a garbled answer to some interviewer’s question, Protestants will snark about the “commie pope.”

Just last week, for example, a short (and admittedly disturbing) video clip of Pope Francis surrounded by scantily-clad circus performers made the rounds on social media, triggering predictable Protestant jeers like, “Never too late to join the Reformation!” View article →


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