Scholastic’s Cowering Compromise is Still a Loss for Conservatives and Christians

“Books promoting agendas like homosexuality and transgenderism and pushing narratives of systemic racism aren’t just presenting an alternate viewpoint. Make no mistake, these activists aim to indoctrinate our children into a worldview devoid of sanity and devoid of God.”

(The Dissenter) The renowned children’s book publisher, Scholastic, recently released a statement regarding the selection of books offered at its ubiquitous book fairs, a fixture in American elementary schools for decades. Scholastic’s feeble attempt at compromise misses the mark, and here’s why. The well-known children’s book publisher finds itself trapped. On one side, activists demand that young kids be exposed to ideologically charged books.

On the other, laws are cropping up to shield children from this overt indoctrination. Scholastic’s answer? A half-baked collection called “Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice” for their U.S. elementary school fairs that bundles all of the Marxist, Feminist, and LGBTQ books into a section that schools can choose to eliminate from their fairs if they like. While some might rush to celebrate this as a win for conservative values, let’s be clear—it’s anything but that. This is just a crumb to appease conservatives, while the real agenda—indoctrinating our nation’s children—goes on unimpeded. It’s kind of like a “heartbeat bill” for abortions”—it’s a way for leftists to compromise without sacrifice. View article →


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