Democrats Want Kids Dumb for Public School Indoctrination

“More school choice is the way to begin weakening the unions and their stranglehold on the Democrats. There’s been a lot of progress on this front, but much more work needs to be done.”

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) One of the more disheartening things we’ve witnessed in the past couple of weeks is the spectacle of American college students marching on campuses in support of the Palestinian front for Hamas. Their ignorance is truly galling given the current price of higher education in this country.

While it’s true that the young minds of college students are polluted by leftist radicals in Academia, those who arrived at universities via the American public education system did so with brains that were ripe for whatever progressive nonsense their professors threw at them. The far-left thoroughly evil teachers’ unions who control public schools and the Democratic Party saw to that. View article →



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