Untwisting the Bible, Part VI: Jesus Sinned?

“The entire purpose of twisting the Bible to try to make it as though Jesus sinned is a leftist conundrum. They believe that if they can prove Jesus sinned, then that makes it okay for them to sin. They can be homosexuals, have abortions, and hate Bible-believing conservative Christians. After all, if Jesus sinned and went to Heaven, so can they.”

(The Dissenter) In a world where every sacred text and tradition is up for grabs, it comes as no surprise that leftists, especially those of the “progressive Christianity” ilk, have found a new frontier for their artistic interpretations—the very sinlessness of Jesus Christ Himself. Because nothing says progress like accusing the Savior of the world of sin to justify our own moral failings….

You see, for these theological contortionists, the Bible is not the authoritative, inerrant Word of God, the revelation of God to His Creation—it’s more like a Swiss Army knife, a weapon to be wielded against anyone who actually believes and obeys it. Let’s look at some of the ways leftists try to claim that Jesus “sinned.”  View article →


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