Obama Weighs In On Israel’s Response to Hamas – Do Nothing?

“[Biden] is sending $100 billion in so-called “humanitarian” aid to Gaza, which he knows will be given to Hamas. Hamas is the government. They get the money. He could airlift food and other essentials, but instead, he gives taxpayer money to them so they can terrorize their neighbors.”

(Mary Dowling) On Monday, Barack Obama wrote an opinion piece on Medium called “Thoughts on Israel and Gaza.” The 44th President is vehemently opposed to Israel’s response to the Hamas terror attack and took a shot at America while he was at it. He excused Palestinians in Gaza who elected and currently support Hamas.

Mr. Obama began by backing up Joe Biden’s support for “Israel dismantling Hamas and its military capabilities” and “facilitating the safe return of hundreds of hostages to their families.” View article →



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