Shawn Bolz and Christine Caine: An Unholy Alliance of Divination and Fortune-telling

“The absence of accountability in Bolz’s ministry forms a stark contrast to the communal discernment encouraged in traditional Christian settings. The autonomy with which Bolz operates mirrors the unaccountable and often elusive practices of witchcraft.”

(The Dissenter) In the realm of charismatic Christian ministry, Shawn Bolz is a name that often comes adorned with an aura of divine insight. He claims a direct line to God and a prophetic vision that unveils the formerly unrevealed. His proclaimed ability to peer into the mysteries of individual lives and divine will has earned him a seat among modern-day “Christian” oracles….

However, a closer inspection reveals a tableau not of divine prophecy, but a mimicry of practices well-known in the secular and occult domains of psychic mediums, cold readers, and fortune tellers. View article →





CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains many people you’ll want to mark and avoid as per Rom 16:17-18 such as Sean Bolz & Christine Caine


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