NAR False Apostle Denies Trinity on Stage at TPUSA Faith Pastors Summit

“Che Ahn’s statement doesn’t just dip its toes into a pool of heresy, it dives headlong into it.”

(The Dissenter) If you think TPUSA is the guardian of conservative values, think again. Led by Charlie Kirk, this organization is nothing short of a Trojan horse in the conservative movement. While it claims to champion conservatism, it’s busy platforming and promoting ideologies that are anything but conservative—like embracing the LGBTQ movement to platforming heretics to blaspheme God.

TPUSA isn’t conserving the moral standards set forth by God—it’s diluting them, turning conservatism into a self-serving ideology aimed at broadening its base…..

And the worst part? Churches—yes, churches that claim to be conservative—are jumping on this bandwagon, compromising the gospel for self-serving politics. So, I won’t mince words, TPUSA is not helping us fight the culture war from a biblical worldview. Instead, it’s leading us down a path of moral compromise. View article →


New Apostolic Reformation


CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains many people you’ll want to mark and avoid as per Rom 16:17-18 such as Che Ahn


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