Untwisting the Bible, Part VIII: Slain in the Spirit

“In Scripture, falling down before God as you’re moved and convicted by His word is an awe-filled, life-changing experience. But when it’s packaged as a weekly, replicable event, it becomes nothing more than spiritual theatrics, a pantomime that mocks the true gravity of encountering Christ.,,,”

(The Dissenter) Picture this: a coliseum filled with crazy people whipped into a frenzy, arms flailing like windmills in a gale, eyes rolled back as if caught in a trance. The preacher, slick and telegenic, lays a hand on someone’s forehead, mutters a few words, and then—bam! Down they go, “slain in the Spirit,” they’ll tell you….

It’s a spectacle, a theater of spiritual euphoria. And it’s bolstered by a handful of cherry-picked Bible verses that seem to suggest that falling flat on your back is a surefire sign of divine encounter. Oof! The alluring aroma of Scripture twisting!

The charismatics among us might trot out a line-up of verses to defend this bizarre practice, from Balaam bowing before an angel to Saul falling off his high horse on the road to Damascus. But let’s not be bamboozled. These verses, when ripped out of their rich biblical context, are like isolated stars in the cosmic canvas—beautiful perhaps, but void of the story they’re meant to tell. View article →


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