Inside Story of the Nashville Killer Audrey Hale

This story is in the public interest. CRN chose to post the story, which wasn’t an easy decision. According to The Independent Sentinel “The killings weren’t Hale’s first attempt; she was there multiple times. She “chickened out” and was caught at the school armed another time….She had a history, and the system failed.”

Now to Mary Dowling’s report (see other reports below this one):

There is a lot more information that needs to come out.

According to one source, the disturbed killer was following the Principal of the school. She killed the Principal during her spree, along with a custodian, a teacher, and three nine-year-old children.

Steven Crowder released the first three pages of the manifesto, and they do indicate a hatred for people with “white privilege” as one of her motivations. She targeted “little crackers” with “white privilege.”

Yet, according to Wikipedia, and NBC News, the police and law enforcement said: As of April 14, 2023, the motive for the shooting remains unclear. Hale’s surviving writings, including diaries and a planning document, initially called a “manifesto”, were described by police as “rambling” and did not reference any specific political or social issues.

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The Steven Crowder release of the manifesto has been banned everywhere. Mr. Crowder still has it up on his website.

Pages leaked from Nashville transgender shooter manifesto

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