President Trump shocks judge with game-changing document pulled from his pocket…

“It’s so disheartening to witness the state of our judicial system under the Biden regime. It has been reduced to a farcical kangaroo court, used as a weapon to undermine and vilify political enemies. Thanks to the left, the United States is now the very definition of a third-world banana republic, and the scary part? Many Americans are literally cheering this Marxism on.”

(Revolver) The ongoing “fraud” trial led by Letitia James in New York City continues to unfold, and to anyone watching, it’s apparent that the highly biased TDS judge is already chomping at the bit to hand down a “guilty” verdict. This has always been the predetermined outcome for the first tragic act against Trump, and the rest will follow the same way….

But President Trump understands this game and isn’t just rolling over. He actually floored Judge Engoron by whipping out a bombshell document right there on the witness stand—a total game-changer for this sham trial.  And the judge’s reaction? It was the kind of thing you’d only see in a politicized spectacle masquerading as justice. View article →



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