Sadly, It Appears House Speaker Mike Johnson Has Aligned Himself With the New Apostolic Reformation

“The NAR’s teachings about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit diverge sharply from orthodox Christian doctrine. They promote a distorted view of Jesus, often referred to as the kenotic Jesus, which undermines the biblical truth of His full divinity and humanity​​.”

(The Dissenter) In a surprising turn of events, it appears as though the newly-elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, has aligned himself with the nefarious unbiblical movement, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). According to a report in Rolling Stone, Johnson is flying a flag outside of his office that represents one of the most pernicious characters of the NAR, Dutch Sheets.

Sheets has emerged as a quintessential example of a dangerous false teacher within NAR, appearing regularly with Steve Schultz of Elijah List Ministries, repeatedly claiming divine revelation and making “prophetic” predictions that are vague and do not come to pass. Sheets has misled multitudes of his followers with his self-proclaimed apostolic authority. Endorsed by figures like C. Peter Wagner, Sheets aggressively pushes for a radical transformation of church and society under the guise of apostolic and prophetic leadership. View article →


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Watch Out–Apostasy Alert! — Naming names

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