‘I’ve Been a Left-Winger All My Life. Now I Realize How Naïve I Was.’

There is still a part of me that wants peace, of course I do. But these monsters – Hamas – have to be defeated.” That’s true. As the old saying goes, a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality. And here we are.” 

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) The Oct. 7 Hamas massacre in Israel and its aftermath have been a comprehensive wake-up call. Most notably, they’ve revealed that leftist and Islamic groups have been preparing for this moment for years and have been able to mobilize, all across the nation, a massive demonstration of support for Hamas and hatred for Israel. There has, however, also been movement on the other side: many leftists are discovering the sheer horror of what they’ve been supporting all these years and are bidding adieu to the left.

One of these former leftists is Sofie Berzon Mackie, an Israeli woman who lived just under two miles from the Gaza border. The UK’s Daily Mail profiled Mackie on Saturday, noting that Mackie would sometimes jog toward the border and look into Gaza: “She would see the city, see the sea and be filled with the hope of peace one day – certain that there were mothers just like her on the other side of the fence who wanted peace, too.” View article →



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