Rosaria Butterfield Names Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and CRU as Teaching Heresy on LGBTQ

(The Dissenter) Last Friday, author and speaker Rosaria Butterfield spoke at the convocation for Liberty University. Rosaria Butterfield is a former tenured professor of English and women’s studies at Syracuse University who became a Christian in 1999. Her conversion story, which includes leaving a lesbian lifestyle, is detailed in her memoir, “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.”

After coming to Christ, Butterfield quickly began a career in Evangelicalism where she would speak about her conversion story. However, she quickly became caught up in the wrong crowd at outlets like The Gospel Coalition and a lot of her teachings she has even admitted herself, were false teachings….

In recent years, Butterfield has openly and publicly repented of teaching several false teachings, including the notion that homosexual desires, in and of themselves, are not sinful unless you act out physically on them. View article →



Progressive ‘Christianity’


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