The Disturbing Trend of Being Fired for Refusing to Embrace the Absurdity of Leftism to its Fullest

“Leftists do not play by the rules of balanced discourse. Instead, they wield their power to suppress any ideology that contradicts their narrative, especially those rooted in Christianity or conservative values. This overreach is more than just a threat to individuals like David Bloch; it’s a threat to the very fabric of our society, undermining the foundational freedoms upon which our nation was built.”

(The Dissenter) In the case of David Bloch, a snowboarding coach at Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, we see a textbook example of discrimination fueled by today’s cultural and political biases. Bloch, who not only founded the school’s snowboarding team but also spearheaded its success since 2011, was unceremoniously fired. The trigger for this unjust dismissal? A mere casual conversation with two students, during which Bloch stated the obvious: that there are inherent biological differences between males and females, particularly in the realm of sports.

The details of this conversation reveal the absurdity of the opposition to Bloch’s remarks. He merely pointed out the well-documented and scientifically supported fact that men and women, on average, have different physical capabilities due to biological differences. This is not a controversial or radical statement—it is a basic acknowledgment of human physiology and has significant implications in the world of sports. In most athletic contexts, these differences give males a physical advantage over females, an observation backed by countless studies and empirical evidence. View article →


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