Did They Go to Heaven? Red Flags On ‘After Death’ Film from Angel Studios

“This is tricky territory. The invisible and the unknown are realms governed by God alone, and these accounts are those on which the occult, the New Age, and false teachings thrive. There is no clear evidence for any out-of-body state and certainly none for having visited heaven (the books on visiting heaven have anti-Christian theology, conflict with God’s word, and/or present inconsistent accounts)”

(Marcia Montenegro – Midwest Christian Outreach) One of our readers recently sent me a link to the newly released film from Angel Studios titled “After Death.” This is a film featuring those who claim to have had near-death experiences and gone to heaven or hell and, of course, returned (or we would not have heard these stories). One trailer is at After Death.1 The film is one of the most recent promotions of what might be called the Heavenly Tourism Industry.

The Quest

The investor page2 on the site for this film shows another trailer and pitches “After Death,” asking for investors. An investor summary overview reads:

1. After Death is a feature-length documentary releasing in theaters on October 27th that explores one of life’s biggest mysteries: What happens after we die? In this film we hear from people who have experienced these events first-hand.

  1. This fascinating film has already been made. The investment opportunity is to raise funds for theatrical distribution costs (P&A).

3. After Death features interviews with New York Times bestselling authors, doctors, scientists, and near-death survivors including Don Piper (90 Minutes In Heaven), Dr. Mary Neal (To Heaven and Back), JoBurke (Imagine Heaven), Dr. Jeffrey Long (Evidence for the Afterlife), and Dr. Raymond Moody (Life After Life).

  1. Interviewees in After Death have been featured on BBC, NBC, TEDx, The Oprah Winfrey ShowNational Geographic, and more.

5. After Death explores the human spirit, our collective search for meaning, and the eternal quest to uncover the truth about what lies beyond this mortal realm.

I became interested in after-death and near-death experiences as a New Ager after reading Dr. Raymond Moody’s book. I devoured the book. All it did was confirm some of my New Age beliefs. Dr. Moody is not a Christian. View article →


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