Proof That Preston Sprinkle is a Lying, Deceptive Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

(The Dissenter) Preston Sprinkle, the host of the podcast “Theology in the Raw,” an odd enough title for a podcast, I must say, recently hosted Dr. Jared Moore, pastor and author of the book, The Lusts of the Flesh. Moore’s book addresses the various false teachings that are pervasive within the Evangelical Church around aberrant sexuality, particularly the notion that one can sublimate their sinful sexual desires and sanctify them, turning them into something holy that can be offered back to God.

Among these false teachings, for example, is the notion that homosexuals can fulfill their homosexual desires in nonsexual ways by entering into same-sex covenant relationships that essentially mimic marriage arrangements but stop short of bodily penetration. Other false teachings on this subject are that one can live their life as a “transgender” person, so long as they don’t act out sexually with someone of the same biological sex. All weird things, to say the least—but this is the prevailing doctrine of Revoice and its allies. View article →



Rosaria Butterfield Names Preston Sprinkle, Revoice, and CRU as Teaching Heresy on LGBTQ


Preston Sprinkle



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