A Roundup of No Quarter November, Moscow Shenanigans, and Sinful Sexual Desires

“TGC Council member Kevin DeYoung dedicated an entire blogpost to the tone of Pastor Wilson, an attack that was aptly critiqued by defenders of Pastor Wilson. Given that DeYoung has never taken time to publicly address the theological compromise of Tim Keller and the leftward drift of TGC in the same manner as his attack on Wilson, the attack on the tone of Moscow was certainly itself tone-deaf.” 

(Paul Brown) November ought to be considered a religious holiday for prickly pastrixes, empathetic feminists and effeminate Big-Eva types- a hallowed season where the pronouns-in-bio muckrakers of “concerned” Julie Roys-aligned “discernment ministries” work together with the sole intent of smashing the patriarchy in Moscow, Idaho and “examining” the so-called evils of Pastor Doug Wilson and Canon Press. This is because every nearly December, Doug and his delegates go an entire month without offering qualifying statements to the often incendiary but always relevant cultural and theological commentary, an occasion that is aptly named No Quarter November.

The result of this unbridled commentary and the blowback criticism from Big Eva that follows is a firestorm that is best illustrated by the artistic fire-related No Quarter November promotion videos that Canon Press releases at the beginning of November, which are intended to symbolize the fact that the culture and world are indeed burning around us.  View article →


That Gospel Coalition Mood – The Kevin DeYoung article attacking Doug Wilson as unqualified to be a pastor is a massive example of a log in your own eye, as Kevin DeYoung has remained on The Gospel Coalition’s counsel despite its decade of liberal drift.

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