ELCA and PCUSA Pen Open Letter Asking USA Govt. To DENY Israel Weaponry+ Accuses Israel of War Crimes

(Protestia) The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and the Presbyterian Church (USA) have signed their name to an open letter pleading with United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to refrain from giving Israel access to weaponry support for their ground offensive in Gaza, all the while repeating terrorist talking points and regurgitating Hamas propaganda. The move comes just weeks after denominational heads blamed Israel for the terrorist attacks, suggesting they brought it upon themselves.

The letter, dated early November, “expresses our alarm regarding the possible transfer of 155mm artillery shells to support Israel’s ground operations in the Gaza Strip” and urges American leaders to “refrain from granting the government of Israel access to the U.S.-origin 155mm munitions currently stockpiled there.” View article →


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