Prominent Attorney Nuked NY AGs Civil Case Against Trump

“They described Trump as being a whale client, someone you really want, and the disconnect of that testimony with what James is seeking is really breathtaking.”

(Mary Dowling) George Washington University law professor Dr. Jonathan Turley called the demands by New York Attorney General Letitia James “breathtaking” in the civil case against Donald Trump, his family, and his organization.

Larry Kudlow spoke with Professor Turley on Fox Business. Turley told the host that, despite Deutsche Bank supporting Donald Trump’s case, James wants to fine him hundreds of millions of dollars.

“You’ve got this New York law that allows James to proceed against Trump even though no one lost any money, even though banks didn’t complain, and on that basis, she’s asking for a nuclear option,” Turley told Kudlow. “She is basically trying to end the role of the corporation of New York, taking away certificates and imposing a quarter of a billion dollars in damages for money that was not lost.” View article →


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