The Obamas just produced a viral Netflix show demonizing white people…

“Yet, during what some call Obama’s “third term,” the situation has only worsened. The nation is on the brink of collapse due to rising crime rates, political polarization, a horrific racial divide that has led to attacks and demonization of white Americans, a struggling economy, and the constant threat of international war. All in all, Obama’s “third term” is proving to be the most dangerous yet, and he’s about to conclude it with another contentious move…”

(Revolver) As you probably know, Barack and Michelle Obama are venturing into the movie industry. However, they’re not aiming to become the next Spielberg, entertaining us with blockbuster movies. Their objectives are political in nature. They intend to leverage their influence and prestige to promote the progressive agenda and anti-white narratives. And right now, their new movie is accomplishing exactly that. However, this shouldn’t be shocking to anyone, considering that Barry Soetoro was the most divisive and contentious president this country has ever seen.

A twelve-year-old article published in 2012 by the Washington Post sheds light on how divisive and polarizing Barry truly was. What makes it credible is that it was published prior to the Trump era, before the media shifted into full-blown “propaganda mode,” abandoning all facts and truth in favor of this convoluted joint mission to destroy President Trump, no matter the cost. View article →



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