Supreme Court Sides With Washington Law Banning Christian Counseling for LGBTQ Issues for Minors

“On the surface, it may appear as a progressive stride towards inclusivity. However, the devil, as always, is in the details. Not only does this undermine the rights of individual minors seeking counseling, it also undermines the rights of parents to seek the best treatment for their children’s sin—the gospel.”

(The Dissenter) The momentous legal battle of Brian Tingley v. Robert W. Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington, et al., rises from the pages of court dockets, emerging as a case of monumental import. Far from being a mere footnote in legal journals, this case represents a critical battleground, a defining moment that will shape the future of religious liberty and free speech in America….

Here, the principles enshrined in the First Amendment and the enduring right to practice one’s faith face a formidable challenge, one that will echo through the halls of justice and beyond.

The case’s genesis lies in Washington’s law, SB 5722, a legislative dictate that prohibits licensed healthcare providers from performing what it terms ‘conversion therapy’ on minors. This law, draped in the garb of protection, defines conversion therapy in broad strokes, encompassing any attempts to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. View article →


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