Today, America has a growing problem because too many of us “believe” what we want to believe. Persuading folks about anything is becoming very difficult. Facts are becoming secondary to “feelings.”

(Bill O’Reilly) In the early part of this century, I took on the secular-progressive movement that was attempting to intimidate businesses into canceling the word “Christmas.”

Some stores actually ordered employees not to say the word to customers.

Using my platform on Fox News, I reported that a number of towns and retailers were banishing any mention of Christmas and insisting the phrase “happy holidays” become the universal December greeting. The O’Reilly Factor cited numerous examples of the “war on Christmas.”

Well, we won. Victory was achieved when I mentioned on air the specific businesses that were promoting the secular attacks. Presto, many shoppers avoided going to those places and, quickly, the white flag waved. View article →


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