CRT, Genocide, and the Importance of Christian Universities

“CRT poisons all that it touches. Because at its core CRT is ahistorical, it gets history almost exactly wrong. This is clearly seen in how they categorize Jews as oppressors, and thus not subject to the protection of campus mobs calling for their annihilation.”

(Jesse Johnson – The Cripplegate) Since the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, students at many American Universities have taken to protests celebrating the intifada, and calling for Palestine to overthrow Israel “from the river to the sea.” In some cases Jewish students have been hounded and locked inside buildings. Jewish owned business near several universities have been targeted with harassment and stormed by mobs….

As a result, this week the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania were called to testify before Congress regarding anti-Semitism on their particular campuses.

The hearings themselves were astounding. A friend of mine who was there in-person texted me and encouraged me to watch the live-stream, which I did, and couldn’t believe what was happening. Time and time again, the presidents of those schools dodged questions, evaded moral clarity, and made far-fetched arbitrary distinctions. While I could give lots of examples, here is the most egregious:  View article →



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