Three Marks of Progressive-Lite Evangelicals

What I am saying is that we should at least have eyes wide open regarding what exactly these progressive-lite evangelicals are doing, to look beyond the smokescreen of “nuance” and “winsomeness” and pay attention to the larger pattern of their teachings. In the name of “niceness,” they are dulling the sharp edge of the call for repentance that our world desperately needs to hear.”

(Drake Isabell – Christ Over All) We live in contentious times. With virtually every event or story comes a flood of news reports from both major news outlets and a seemingly endless array of bloggers and podcasters, and these reports demonstrate the sharp ideological differences between various segments of our Western population. It can be difficult for Christians to find trustworthy voices that both report the facts and give sound, biblical insight into current events.

In the midst of this clamor, one group of evangelical cultural commentators has branded itself as the most “nuanced” and “balanced” segment of the Church when it comes to hot-button issues. They continually decry partisanship, calling for both sides of the political aisle to work together and for Christians to be a winsome presence to their surrounding culture. On the surface, this sounds quite laudable. Over time, however, it has become apparent that their version of “balanced” and “nuanced” reporting is consistently slanted in one direction—that is, to the political and cultural Left. View article →



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