Discerning Glenn Beck’s Influence: The Infiltration of Mormonism in Political Discourse

“Mormonism and Christianity might share some superficial similarities in language and values, the theological chasms between them are vast and unbridgeable and Mormonism is a damnable heresy.”

(The Dissenter) In the current landscape of American political and religious discourse, Mormonism, known officially as the Latter Day Saints, has gained a prominent place, thanks in part to influential talk show host, Glenn Beck. Beck, with his conservative political stance, often weaves his Mormon beliefs into his commentary, presenting a fusion that requires discernment from the Christian audience….

While politically, Beck might align with many evangelical Christians, theologically, the chasm between Mormonism and orthodox, biblical Christianity is profound and often misunderstood—and Christians should be aware of the deception taking place. View article →


Research: Mormonism

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