Here Comes the Mud

“Yes, it will be nasty. Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams went after each other pretty hard. But those guys were muppets compared to the 2024 combatants.”

(Bill O’Reilly) It will be the dirtiest presidential campaign in history, the one we are already experiencing. Pigs won’t fly, but they will be ecstatic with the mud flow. Already Adolf Hitler aka Donald Trump has a featured role, as does “Demented Joe,” the incumbent.

It wasn’t that long ago that President Bush the Younger personally welcomed Barack Obama to the White House with a warm personal chat and a nice beverage.

That will not happen in January 2025, as political vitriol is going to reach an all-time high.

President Biden will not debate, so don’t expect any face-to-face insults. It will be verbal hand grenades from afar, and the exposition will be vivid. View article →



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