The Lloyd Austin ICU Hospitalization Cover-Up Is Shocking and Scandalous

“This is not how the US government should operate.  Making matters even more stunning, the woman tasked with taking over Austin’s duties as Acting Secretary in the event of his incapacitation was also not aware that he was in that state.  This could represent a serious military readiness and responsiveness issue, on top of the grave violations of basic transparency and good governance:”

(Guy Benson – Townhall) Right out of the gate, let’s extend our best wishes to Sec. Austin.  A stay in a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, for any reason, at any age, is a serious and scary situation.  May he recover fully.  That being said, the manner in which the public, Congress, and even top echelons of the executive branch found out about his health status amounts to an unacceptable scandal….

Lloyd Austin is the Secretary of Defense, overseeing the most powerful military on earth.  He happens to be serving in an era of global unrest and danger.  Russia’s illegitimate war in Ukraine is approaching the two year mark, Israel is actively fighting (Iran-backed) Hamas in Gaza and beyond, and Iranian proxies have been attacking American service members in the Middle East for months — in addition to fresh warnings America and our allies have issued against one Iranian-supported terrorist organization that is dramatically and violently disrupting global shipping lanes.  View article →



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