The Dinosaurs That We Deserve

(Lee Duigon – News With Views) Does each generation get the dinosaurs that it deserves?

Consider Tyrannosaurus rex, possibly the most famous dinosaur of them all. In the 1940s we had Rudolph Zallinger’s epic dinosaur mural at the Peabody Museum. His T. rex was a hulking brute with a colossal beer-belly. So when Marx Toys came out with plastic dinosaurs in the 1950s, their T. rex was patterned after Zallinger’s, belly and all.

Meanwhile, the American Museum of Natural History mounted a more or less complete T. rex skeleton….

For various logistic reasons, they mounted it standing bolt upright like a human being, with its tail dragging on the ground. They knew this probably wasn’t accurate, but it made a great exhibit. So for years artists depicted T. rex standing tall and straight. They also shrank the beer belly. Marx came out with a new Tyrannosaurus reflecting this change. View article →


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