Are Most Children With Gender Dysphoria Gay, and Not Transgender Candidates?

“What is the Left’s underlying motivation for relentlessly pushing transgenderism? Why do they revel in seeing so many confused young children? It is not for reasons of caring or concern for such individuals — much like their selective concern for shooting victims.”

(Jeff Davidson – Townhall) The issue of whether or not someone ought to change their sex is monumental. No longitudinal studies exist that reveal the satisfaction levels of those who have undergone radical surgeries and radical changes. Injecting children with hormones, hormone blockers, and other substances that the body did not generate poses great risks. The issue should not be left to anyone aged six to 16 years old.

Gay and Confused

Evidence is now emerging that our medical establishment is influencing children to undergo drastic procedures that might not be justified. The notion of gender-affirming care ignores a critical issue. Are children who are confused about whether they should be boys or girls actually homosexuals? It’s a vital question that few within medicine or politics are willing to confront. View article →

Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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