About That ‘1946’ Film: A Damnable Theological Heresy

“To argue that ‘arsenokoitai’ does not refer to homosexuality is to engage in linguistic gymnastics, twisting the text to fit a modern agenda. The early church fathers, well-versed in Greek, understood this term to condemn homosexual acts.” 

(The Dissenter) The film “1946” has ruffled more than a few feathers with its bold assertion that the term ‘homosexuality’ was erroneously introduced into the Bible only in the mid-20th century. This claim, while sensational, crumbles under the weight of historical, biblical, and exegetical scrutiny. Let’s dissect and dismantle this absurd argument piece by piece.

First, the film’s premise is not just flawed—it’s a giant cringeworthy fallacy in historical analysis, leading ignorant viewers down a perilous path of misinformation. Such a bloodcurdling distortion of historical facts is not just a scholarly oversight but a trap that threatens to undermine centuries of clear, biblical theology. View article →


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