Refuting the Call for Unity in Compromise: The Importance of Upholding the Biblical Truth of the Flood Narrative

(The Dissenter) Perusing social media this morning, I ran across the following tweet by Gavin Ortlund. Squishy doctrine and false teaching seem to be universal (no pun intended) within the entire pedigree of Ortlund men. His father, Ray Ortlund, is a staunch supporter of Beth Moore and other women pastors and his brother, Dane, wrote a book essentially painting Jesus as an effete and passive servant who has within him no wrath. So it comes as no surprise that Gavin would peddle such views as the following: [See Ortland’s post on the page]

To entertain the notion that the biblical account of Noah’s flood was merely a local affair is not simply to tiptoe around a theological pothole, it is to undermine the very foundation of Scripture. Some may find this stance shocking, but it is necessary to seize upon the truth with conviction. This claim, which is now circulating on social media—that suggesting a local flood could unify the church—is a precarious proposition at best. Far from fostering unity, it actually sows seeds of discord by elevating human reasoning above divine revelation. Unity in error is no unity at all. It is a veiled disarray, a facade masking a crumbling foundation. View article →


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