Alistair Begg Doubles Down on LGBTQ Wedding Remarks, Gets the Boot From American Family Radio

“We are grateful that AFR has done the right thing, and we agree with them that the goal is always reconciliation, but reconciliation in the truth.”

(The Dissenter) Last week, The Dissenter reported that Alistair Begg, a prominent pastor associated with The Gospel Coalition, urged Christians to not only attend [a transgender] wedding, but to also buy them a gift—a position that starkly contradicts the biblical view of marriage as a sacred union exclusively between a man and a woman. This alarming advice from Begg, a respected figure in evangelical circles including the late R.C. Sproul’s Ligonier ministry, represents a growing trend of Evangelical leaders to abandon sound Christian doctrine in favor of man-pleasing cultural orthodoxy. It is a glaring example of the moral compromise seeping into the church under the guise of progressive tolerance.

While Begg continues to state that he believes homosexual marriages are invalid and that homosexuality is wrong, by advocating attendance and gift-giving at such ceremonies, Begg not only disregards the scriptural condemnation of homosexuality but also encourages believers to participate actively in what is portrayed in Scripture as an abhorrent act to God. This is a distressing trend within certain evangelical factions, indicating a troubling drift from biblical authority and the command to flee from sin—not tacitly endorse it. View article →



Alistair Begg Caves to LGBTQ Movement, Suggests Christians Attend LGBTQ Wedding Ceremonies

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