Looks like we’re witnessing the epic end of Justin Trudeau…

“Today marks the day the freedom-loving truckers and their supporters got their due, and Justin Trudeau got his too. The courts have ruled that what Justin and his ragtag communist crew did to those innocent patriots was straight-up illegal.”

(Revolver) Remember the Canadian Trucker fiasco of 2022, famously dubbed The Freedom Convoy? Canadian truckers made waves when they united against Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical vaccine mandates and travel restrictions. It was an incredible grassroots movement, powered by the people, and truly a remarkable sight to witness.

Videos on the site.

The protests had a lively and festive atmosphere, with people filling the streets to celebrate their freedom and the power of personal choice.

As the movement gained momentum and more people joined the demonstrations to rally for freedom, Trudeau took drastic, “Stalin-like” measures to shut it down. He instituted martial law and clamped down on the group by freezing their bank accounts and confiscating fuel from numerous trucks, effectively destroying their livelihoods. Trudeau and his gang whipped out “The Emergencies Act,” a modern twist on Canada’s old War Measures Act that was meant for real national emergencies, serious stuff that rocks the government to its core. But this?…. View article →


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