The Meaning of Non-Binary Sexuality

“The days ahead will be tough, but Jesus, our Lord, is in control and “he will win the battle,” as Martin Luther wrote in his great hymn so many years ago. As the author of Psalm 121:2-3 stated: “He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber nor sleep. My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” 

(Peter Jones – truthXchange) There is much confusion in our day regarding sexuality, both in the church and in the culture. Father James Martin, SJ, one of the attenders at the official Synod on Synodality (the meeting of all Catholic leaders now taking place over several years), affirms publicly that “we cannot deny the reality of same-sex relationships as integral to the meaning of the church as the People of God…Both heterosexual and homosexual people embody the truth of their dignity as imago Dei in their sexuality.”…

Alas, Rev. Martin has no biblical support and is only repeating exactly what Pope Francis is also saying about the issue, creating total confusion in the Catholic Church and causing some leaders in the church to wonder if Francis is a true pope.

Christians, seeking to be biblical, must take up this controversial issue, though using great care. As we speak of homosexuality, we must avoid self-justifying moralism—“I’m good, you’re bad.” We must find a discourse that avoids emotionalism, hatred or bigotry. We need to give a holistic, respectful, worldview response, not a merely judgmental opinion, since sexuality is such a delicate and fundamental element in our personhood. We may not express any contempt for gay persons since they are all fellow human beings, made in God’s image. Literally, we must love our homosexual friends. View article →


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