Ligonier’s RefNet and Shepherd’s Conference Cancels Alistair Begg

Before we get to Evangelical Dark Web’s report, Religion News Service is reporting that Alistair Begg will no longer be speaking at John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s Conference. According to RNS’s January 31 report:

Begg had been scheduled to speak in March at the Shepherds Conference, a major Reformed evangelical pastors’ gathering led by California pastor and author John MacArthur. After Begg’s comments became public, he and MacArthur talked and decided the controversy would be “an unnecessary distraction,” according to a spokesman for Grace to You, one of the conference sponsors.

“Pastor MacArthur’s counsel on that issue would be completely different from the counsel Alistair Begg said he gave an inquiring grandmother,” said Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You told Religion News Service in an email. “So both agreed that it was necessary for Pastor Begg to withdraw.” 

To find out more about the Begg brouhaha, check out the articles and podcasts below. Now to EDW’s piece.

In the fallout of Alistair Begg’s horrendous advice to the grandmother,  American Family Radio was the first to drop him, doing so publicly during his timeslot last week. Evidently, they were not the only distributor to drop Begg over his comments.

Ligonier Ministries operates an internet radio network called Reformation Network, or RefNet for short. They typically play R. C. Sproul sermons and other Ligonier content, but they had ten partner ministries whom they partnered with until they recently removed Truth for Life from their website.  View article →

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