Haters Hosting After School Satan Clubs Say They Aren’t About Satan. Don’t You Believe It.

(Victoria Taft – PJ Media) The devil’s making headlines again by coming to your kids’ schools in 2024.

It’s nothing new, of course. We know the spirt of darkness never went anywhere. The inspired Word of God speaks of Satan. Hollywood gave Satan his own TV show, “Lucifer,” and there have been other TV shows and movies about the personification of evil. They don’t even hide it. But the people who bring you the “After School Satan Clubs” say they’re really not proselytizing about evil, they’re just anti-Christian. Codswallop.

In the 1980s there was unseemly public fascination with Satan. El diablo was everywhere. News tips about Satan worshipers in the desert came in to the newsroom. Cops believed they saw Satan worship everywhere. Animal sacrifice stories appeared in the news. The McMartin preschool case featured a satanic worship storyline that was as big a whopper as the other hyperbolic and implanted “memories” from that horrendously destructive case. Church youth groups were told about satanic messages recorded backward on records. More than ten years on, people still believed they were hearing “Turn me on, deadman” in “Revolution Number 9” on the Beatles’ White Album. Backward masking “Strawberry Fields” supposedly revealed the words “I buried Paul.” The lore was furthered with the cover of the Abbey Road album featuring the band members, who were quickly labeled the funeral party getting ready to bury Paul, the “deadman” who was barefoot. Paul rolled with the American storyline. It didn’t hurt album sales. View article →



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