Evolutionary biologist says AIDS is likely caused by ‘gay lifestyle,’ not HIV…

“Dr. Bret Weinstein, another scientist, brought the Duesberg Theory back into the spotlight on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and, as you can guess, it stirred up quite a storm. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, and he shared with Joe that there’s evidence suggesting the “gay lifestyle” could indeed be what’s behind AIDS, causing yet another meltdown on the left.”

(Revolver) AIDS has played a pivotal role in propelling the LGBTQ movement forward at warp speed, both in terms of financial backing and emotional support. It transformed what was once considered a fringe aspect of gay culture into a mainstream phenomenon, laying the groundwork for the formidable political and social force we see today. AIDS really brought folks like Dr. Fauci into the spotlight as well, where he was hailed as a sort of hero in the battle against this deadly disease….

But when you take a closer look, the hero label doesn’t quite stick, especially if you listen to voices from the gay community. Many feel they were more like guinea pigs in Fauci’s climb to fame and fortune, riding on the coattails of a treacherous disease. Back in 1983, Fauci wrote an article for the Journal of the American Medical Association in which he claimed AIDS could be caught through routine “close contact” with family members. Later, experts would reevaluate Fauci’s theory, and they determined AIDS was not “catchy” through routine interactions but was caused by the HIV virus.

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