Unholy Trinity of Woke Churches Sponsor ‘Glitter Ash Wednesday’

(Protestia) The unholy trinity of Jesus-hating denominations recently colluded at Fort Hays State University, putting on a celebration of Ash Wednesday where glitter was mixed in with the ashes to celebrate, “center,” and foster inclusion within the LGBTQ community.

The event was put on by Us4U, a faith-based service organization sponsored by the United Methodist Campus Ministry and supported by the Trinity Lutheran Church of Hays and St. John Lutheran Church of Russell.

While protestants shouldn’t even be celebrating Ash Wednesday to begin with, this service was particularly garish, with anyone of any belief invited to participate, with Us4U advisor Cheryl Duffy insisting “There is a tradition of exclusion, and we don’t feel it really reflects what Jesus was about. [Fake] Jesus was about love and inclusion, and we want to open up that tradition to everyone.” View article →


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