Finally! The CDC’s slow retreat on COVID guidance shows its ‘experts’ belong in isolation

“Anthony Fauci admitted before Congress that it was utterly lacking in scientific basis (and no shock, given that it derived from a high-schooler’s science project). Oopsie! That’s no consolation to the business he and his cronies helped destroy, or those unable to visit their loved ones in their last, miserable days in hospitals, or any of the other monstrous absurdities public-health fascists inflicted on America.”

(Editorial Board – New Youk Post) The Centers for Disease Control just quietly proposed abandoning the isolation guidelines around COVID — and so proved again that America’s public-health establishment must face a reckoning.

Per reports, the agency will recommend that people with COVID — nigh on four years after the pandemic hit — no longer in general need to isolate for five days; they’re good to go once their symptoms improve.

In other words, the central prop on which America’s destructive COVID policy was premised — that the disease was so deadly dangerous to all that anyone testing positive for it had to lock themselves up like a leper — is now set to be abandoned by the very “experts” who previously insisted it was essential. View article →


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