Open Homo Sex in the Capitol: No One is Scandalized

(Peter Jones – truthXchange) “Democrat Staffer Who Filmed Himself Having Sex in the Capitol Won’t Be Charged.”

So reads the headline reporting a video posted by the above-mentioned staffer which showed for the first time ever a nearly naked man on all fours inside the Capitol office building. The video wasn’t just nude posing either. The male staffer and his boyfriend filmed themselves engaging in homosexual sex inside a meeting room of the Capitol Building. Sen. Ben Cardin, who employed the staffer, simply dropped the issue. Aidan Maese-Czeropski, the staffer in question, was defiant in the aftermath, claiming he was “being attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda.” He did not mention who was attacking him. In fact, he got off scot-free, and was able to make this stark statement of the normality of his sexual non-binary actions.

Those attacking him were certainly not the United States Capitol Police who decided not to charge him. There was no denunciation from the “wise” politicians in the House and the Senate. This is good news for anyone who is thinking about sneaking into a Capitol hearing room to film lewd acts: The capitol Police, fearing the Gay community, will not bother you. Degrading the Capitol Building where solemn oaths are taken and vital laws are passed that affect every citizen is not a problem. The Capitol Building is copying the White House. Sam Brinton, a federal employee to the Department of Energy, responsible for nuclear waste, appears at the White House in women’s dresses, high-heeled shoes and lipstick on his mouth, while sporting a mustache. The Biden Administration also elevates Rachel (née Richard) Levine, an overweight fifty-ish year old lad/lass with flowing golden tresses, father of three, to be the first female four-star admiral in the Public Health Service and assistant secretary of Health and Human Services. This is the new norm. Why not film yourself having sex in the Capitol Building and publishing it on the Internet? It could be culturally liberating. View article →


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