Can Trump Win?

“Better to have senility in the White House than Trump or any Republican. No matter how bad things get for Joe Biden on a variety of fronts, there will be no dissent from committed Democrats. That kind of blind loyalty is something Putin and Xi would admire. No thought, no honest assessment of damage to the country. It’s party above everything else.”

(Bill O’Reilly) In just over eight months, the United States will change drastically. If President Biden or a progressive replacement wins, kiss traditional America goodbye and welcome in a brave new world of high taxes, permissive social behavior, and marketplace outcomes based on skin color and gender.

If Donald Trump prevails, conservative policies will come storming back with a vengeance. I use that word literally, not as a cliche.

Of course, the key question is: can Trump win?

He firmly believes he can despite all the legal and media attacks. View article →


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