No, Jesus Was Not Born Again

“Such false teachings must not only be refuted but also exposed for what they truly are, a perilous departure from the gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel that promises life not through mystical rebirths in the afterlife but through faith in the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.”

(The Dissenter) I often hear charismatic Word of Faith preachers twist Genesis and the Creation narrative of God making man in His own image—and how man and animals were created in such a way that like kind begets like kind—to support their false “little gods” doctrine….

It is a rank and damning heresy to hold to such views. However, there is a kernel of truth in the “like begets like” mantra rampant within Word of Faith circles: heresy begets heresy.

And within the charismatic Word of Faith movement, there is a heresy begotten that is so antithetical to Christian orthodoxy that it can only be described as a heresy of the highest order. This is the claim, shameless and blasphemous, that Jesus Christ—God incarnate, sinless and sovereign—was “born again” in the depths of Hell. It is a teaching that not only distorts the very essence of the gospel but also stabs with a wooden stake right into the heart of the Christian faith, undermining the deity, the purity, and the salvific work of Jesus Christ. View article →



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