I’ll Vote for Anyone Who Promises to Nuke the Dept. of Education

“Rick mentions the effort to “keep parents in the dark” when it comes to what their kids are being taught. That’s been brought to the fore in the last few years in parental battles with schools that are teaching Critical Race Theory. In many cases, administrators and teachers aren’t merely coy about what they are teaching; they’re completely dishonest.” 

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) It should come as no surprise to regular readers here that I think Republican candidates in 2024 should lead with Joe Biden’s border nightmare when attacking Democrats. It’s both a humanitarian and national security crisis and this country can’t survive another four years of open borders madness.

While that is the most pressing issue, there’s plenty more to throw at the Dems after a few years of the Team Biden wrecking ball. One issue that predates this clown car of an administration is the hot mess that is public education in the United States of America. It’s an evergreen issue and one that I think the Republicans haven’t been giving enough attention to in recent election cycles.  View article →



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