Headed for the Rocks?

(Lee Duigon – News With Views) Where are we headed, as a country? Two of this week’s nooze stories suggest the ship is headed for the rocks.

I’m sure that when we created the Dept. of Homeland Security (looking more and more like one of the all-time bad ideas), we never thought it would wind up slithering its tentacles into our neighborhood schools. Oh, but they are!

As if it weren’t more than bad enough to have the FBI “investigating” parents who complain about their local school board’s Far Left sex-grooming policies, now the DHS is getting involved….

Simply put, they are training teachers and students to spy on one another and rat each other out for “disinformation” and “violent extremism.” They are setting up a “K-12 surveillance program” (“K!” As in kindergarten? Really?) with a 12-week training course. Kids will spy on teachers, and each other, and teachers will spy on kids… and each other. Presumably DHS will do the rest. (“Ve haff vays of making you talk, comrade!”) View article →



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