J.K. Rowling Nukes Argument for Biological Men in Women’s Bathrooms

“It is too seldom noted that every single man arguing for the removal of single-sex spaces is arguing for his own right to enter those spaces. I know from experience that they feign outrage when this point is put to them, gibbering that they’re just being good, virtuous progressives who’re standing up for trans women, that they personally won’t be availing themselves of the new opportunities afforded them.”

(Catherine Salgado – PJ Media) Delusional leftists believe that, with a wave of their wands, they can magically become members of the opposite sex — with a right to use whichever locker room they like. “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling called out just how such policies exponentially increase the opportunity for male sexual predators to prey on girls and women.

Rowling, who is a pro-LGBTQ leftist, found herself suddenly persona non grata among many of her woke former fans — including the child actors her stories made famous — within the last few years. You see, Rowling believes both in women’s rights over “trans rights” and in the reality of biology (gasp!).  View article →


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